Gardening Toolkit

Many of us are looking to our yards, patios and balconies as a place we can grow some of our own food during this time of uncertainty. That grass seems a little less important when we weigh it against a crop of lettuce or potatoes. It shows in the demand for gardening information for beginners, the emptying of seed racks and the pleas for guidance from experienced gardeners all around Whatcom County.

As a non-profit with a goal to educate and help people along this journey to self sufficiency, it is our aim to provide a place for people to learn where to turn, how to prepare to grow vegetables and fruits as well as cooking what you’ve grown and preserve it for storage. There is so much you can do and grow in whatever space you have. So take a look at these links and resources, check back often to see what is new, and know that there are plenty of others who are seeking the same, to be more resilient and food secure. We will get through this, one radish at at time!

Seed companies, local and regional, that provide information on planting schedules, seed descriptions and growing instructions:

Territorial seeds

Uprising seeds

Resilient Seeds

Adaptive Seeds

Salt Spring Seeds

Organizations/websites that share information and knowledge:

Gardening for beginners

WSU Cooperative Extension vegetable garden

NW Edible Life Monthly garden chore list:

Seattle Tilth Garden Hotline

Native Seeds, seed saving and more

Seed Savers Exchange – Seed Saving information and growing guides

Keep checking back for more information. We want to help you succeed!!