CC Cooperative Garden – May Update

Instructor John Egbert in the Garden.

The Cooperative Gardening Program meets every Saturday during the growing season to practice organic growing techniques for vegetable production, preservation, and community sharing. Below is just a little update as to the goings-on of that group the past month.

In the month of April, the group of seven weeded their individual beds and added compost, learning how to inoculate the soil with a homemade mycelium mixture.

Focusing a lot on soil fertility, they built a compost pile and learned how to make fertilizing elements like compost tea and nettle tea. They also sowed a lot of seeds!

On May 1st, they cleaned out the greenhouse to make room for a potting bench, worked to clear weeds in the Victory Garden, built bean trellises, spruced up the medicinal garden a bit, and cleared out two of the raised beds to prepare them for tomatoes.

We will continue to share updates throughout the growing season!

-Submitted by Pamela Jull