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Successful Beekeeping with Michael Jaross

March 5 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Successful Beekeeping in Whatcom County
Begins Tuesday, March 5 and runs weekly until April 24.

Tuition is $195 and payable at first class, cash or check, non-refundable. 


To reserve a spot in class, please email chuckanutcenter@gmail.com. Note that this class is almost full.

This 8-week course will focus on my own methods for keeping honeybees alive, healthy and productive under the conditions and challenges we currently face right here in Whatcom County. With these field-tested techniques, I believe every new beekeeper can succeed right from the beginning.
There’s a lot to be learned about beekeeping in books and online, but those resources don’t usually reflect our local beekeeping challenges. This class should be viewed as a kind of mentoring. I will show you “hands-on” how I manage my own hives successfully year after year. My methods are a composite of what I’ve learned from other talented local beekeepers, lots of study and years of practice. I will pass on as much of that as possible in eight 2-hour classes.

I started beekeeping in 2005 with one California “package” from Belleville Honey. I have never bought bees or queens since then. I raise my own bees as sustainably as possible with as few outside inputs as possible. My dark, “Carniolan-ish” bees are gentle, over-winter well, are relatively disease-free, and respond well to parasite management. ANY beekeeper can do the same with good training and persistence. That’s what this class will offer. My goal: locally raised bees that thrive in Whatcom County.

A NOTE: This class deals with Langstroth hive equipment and management techniques. “Bees in Boxes.” This method has been field-proven as the most successful for beekeepers world-wide over more than 160 years and works beautifully in our local weather conditions. Of course, I’m glad to discuss other types of hives and systems briefly, but we will concentrate on Langstroth and how this method can be used to best advantage for you and your bees.

We will have our own bees to work with! Weather permitting, we will make several daytime field trips to my teaching apiary at WWU, The Outback Apiary.

We will meet at Chuckanut Center in Fairhaven, Tuesday evenings 6:30-8:30 starting March 5th 2019. Tuition: $195 payable at first class, non-refundable. Checks or cash. Register online at my website. http://whatcombeehelp.com/. Class is limited to 15 beekeepers, so we can spend at least some time working individually on your own beekeeping plans.

We will cover:

– Basic Honeybee Biology and how to use it to your advantage.
– Special challenges we face in Whatcom County with our unpredictable maritime climate.
– Equipment: preparing, maintaining, my recommendations.
– Package Bees and Nucleus Hives: Getting off to a good start!
– Hive Inspections: what you’re seeing and how to use that information.
– Swarms: prevention, catching, hiving.
– Diseases and Parasites: keeping your bees healthy while doing them no harm.
– Feeding Bees: when, how much, when to stop, what to feed.
– Honey: several harvesting approaches for hobby beekeepers, sales, hygiene.
– Queens: marking, raising your own, handling.
– Preparing for successful over-wintering: combining for strength, insulation, winter feeding.
– Bring Your Bees into Spring: Hooray! You made it through to the next season!

That’s just a partial list. Bring your questions, plans and ideas. We will come up with a 2019 Season Plan for each participant. Want to know more about me? Look here: http://whatcombeehelp.com/.

Questions? Post them on my website. See you in class!

Michael Jaross
Whatcom Bee Help


March 5
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Chuckanut Center
103 Chuckanut Drive N.
Bellingham, WA 98229
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