Learning the art of cheese making

We are excited to fill the Chuckanut Center with classes and programming that fit our mission, “We Grow Food, Skills and a Resilient Community”. We welcome a variety of class structures (series, long workshops, short 1 time classes, etc.) and topics. You should know a bit about us first, make sure the class you want to teach falls under our mission and will benefit the community. Our goal is to share skills related to becoming a more self sufficient individual and community, working toward taking care of ourselves and others in times of crisis and plenty. Think urban homesteading meets community builder.

Some examples of classes that would be a good fit (but by not means an exhaustive list) are:

– Garden to Kitchen, Cooking for Children & Adults
– Urban Homesteading Skills
– Keeping tools and implements in good shape
– Keeping/Using Animals in Gardens and at Home
– Gardening Skills
– Food Resilience/Security
– Arts/Music/Writing/Self-improvement
– Clubs/Groups/Community meet ups around specific interests (but must be open to the public)

Please note that it is required that all classes and activities at the Center are open to the public for attendance. Preregistration is fine, but it must be advertised to the public (please contact us for more information.)
Good fit? Great, here’s what to do next.

Check the calendar: Please head to our online calendar and see what days are already booked for classes. Then decide what day of the week works for your class. There are some typical things about certain days of the week and ease of getting people to participate. We’re happy to discuss this with you if you’re unsure. You can always contact us at chuckanutcenter@gmail.com.

Submit a class proposal: Click here and fill out the class proposal form. We’ll be in touch soon!

Marketing: We’ll spread the word through our FB, Insta and online calendar, and may promote through other community calendars and print media (like the weekly) if appropriate. However, the best people to come to your class are the people you know who want to learn. So help us spread the word, share online event listings and encourage your circle of folks to attend!

Class fees: Class fee structure is up to you. Note that we have a small fee for the use of the house, this helps us keep the lights on! This time should include set up and clean up time. The outside area is free to use and holds a lot more people, so consider an outside class in the beautiful summer time. Folks will register through our website unless other arrangements are made, and we’ll collect the funds for the class, then send a check minus the rental fee to you. If you have your own registration site, we’re happy to use that instead.

Facility information: The Chuckanut Center house can hold 15-20 people comfortably in chairs. The fenced in field and orchard holds 100+ participants. The smaller field with picnic tables holds 50. The covered outdoor gazebo hold 5-7. We have tables and chairs for inside use, a few chairs for outside use. We have a full kitchen with lots of move around space and all kitchen necessities, a fridge, oven/stove top, pots and pans, etc. In addition, our house is fully accessible.